Creating a Conference Website
The ACMA has a permanent web presence at
Each year's ACMC organisers are responsible for creating their own conference website which is used for communicating submission information, the conference schedule and proceedings.
Creating a website doesn't have to be terribly difficult or expensive (as little as 12AUD to just buy a domain name). Here's some options and examples.

1. Jekyll and Github Pages.

The lowest cost way to do this is to create a website with Jekyll and Github Pages.
The idea is that you write the website content (mostly) in Markdown and use a Jekyll theme to provide a format and layout for most of the pages. This is not terribly hard to figure out and the ACMCA committee members can provide some help getting started.
When you create a website this way, the hosting is free (provided by, but you need to buy a domain name separately. E.g., the ACMC organisers can purchase a domain name for that year's conference (e.g.,
You can also use other static site generators, e.g., Hugo, which will have a similar process.

2. MiniConf annd Github Pages

In 2020, we hosted the conference website using a system called "MiniConf":
(You can still see the website here:
This is similar to the Jekyll / Github Pages option above, but required a bit more coding (in Python) to get it to work properly. The advantage with miniconf was the ability to display information about each presenter / paper / performance and with a very clear interface:

3. Wordpress

Using a wordpress account is a good way to spin up a wordpress site quickly ( The minimum cost is about 60AUD for a year of service (this includes a domain name).
Using wordpress won't let you make a nice interface for a schedule or individual papers as in the above options, but if you just want to have nicely set up pages quickly, it's a decent optionn.
You can run into trouble at the end of this year as it's a bit tricky to export a wordpress site for archive.

After the conference

We'd like to be able to archive old conference websites for posterity. With 1 and 2 above, this is pretty easy (we just move the conference git repository to our ACMA organisation account). Option 3 makes this a bit harder, but still good to remember to do it.
We don't suggest that conference organisers pay for a domain name / hosting forever, better to just keep the domain as a temporary address for 1-2 years.
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